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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A private yacht club atmosphere with a punch

When compared to the 82  ships I’ve been on, the one thing to strike me most about this 43,188 tones ship was how calm life on board is, very relaxing and quite a change of pace from so many ships. Upon boarding the World, time will literally be nonexistent here. It sails in the most leisurely fashion.  I could go up to my apartment, relax, read a book and not see a soul.  The World offer passengers and prospective buyers a unique experience, far removed from the average holiday on a cruise ship.  Here, passengers can join or leave the ship when they please. They can relax in the sunshine, visit the casino, go to the cinema or play yet more golf.

The World's First Floating Condo  has a private yacht club atmosphere with a punch.  In comparison to other cruise lines, they seem to be quite focused on a slower, yet relaxed lifestyle together with the ultimate luxuries your heart could desire.  A ship of its kind, combining the privacy and indulgence of conventional top luxury resorts around the world, with the perfect experience of travelling by sea.

I think what I liked most was the fact that is low-key, deliberately so, understated quality.  Whereas more traditional cruise liners can be a social whirl of dinners and dances, cabaret and cocktails, life on The World is not ruled by any fixed itinerary or timescale. I sure didn’t miss the obligatory cocktail parties, the long lines to board launches/buses, the organized shuffleboard tournaments, the obligatory rushing from port to port before they left you behind and I was also able to say no to the regimented dining schedule. "Here you can be private or you can participate”. Up to you?

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