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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Arctic Adventure Begins In Lapland

Beyond the Arctic Circle exists a hidden winter wonderland where aurora borealis dance across the still night's sky, swirling bands of colored lights through the heavens. Sampo cracks in a sea covered thickly with ice. Thousands and thousands of graceful reindeer prance over the frozen terrain, while wolves, bears and other arctic creatures roam the wilderness. Howls in the night raise a cry that beckons to daring adventurers willing to risk awe, inspiration and isolation second to none.  Here is truly Europe’s  last great wilderness frontier. 

Only 6,600 Km. from NYC lies the seventh largest country in Europe. Most of Europe's final unspoiled wilderness is contained within its 128,495 square miles. A bit larger than New Mexico, and one of the uppermost places in Europe accessible by car. Sandwiched between Sweden and Russia, Finland is the only country that lies almost entirely north of the 60th parallel of latitude, and after Iceland, it is the northernmost country in the world.
Lapland is the vast area that lies largely above the Arctic Circle and covers 30 percent of the country's total area.  Much of its vast expanse of wilderness has barely been brushed by the hand of man. The countless crystalline lakes, tumbling rivers and forests of birch and pine remain much as they have for untold generations. Half of the year, everything is buried under snow, and it is not only those studying weather charts who know that this country receives ridiculous amounts of snow that visit Lapland. With no doubt Europe looks cozier when viewed from Lapland.
This is an area of unique and breathtaking beauty, rich in flora and fauna that thrive only in arctic areas. From it's austere northern coast to its great sweeping plains and forests, Lapland is an extraordinary destination for the traveler with an adventurous soul. There are five seasons in northern Finland, all of them great for a visit, but midwinter is probably the most exotic. Although Finland is famous for its countless pristine lakes and long summer days under the Midnight Sun, the unique snow-reflected light of the winter carries its own magical charm.

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